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see you then. bye-bye. [applause] k4r-r nearly a dozen tourists attacked in a popular mexican resort city. why california's attorney general is suing standard & poor's. and the 49ers' coach jim harbaugh gives his final press conference of the season. the forecast -- at noon.
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gonna take a lot of hard work. do more and make sure we win. >> cleaning out their lockers and closing out the season. the 49ers talk about the future in their final press conference. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. the san francisco 49ers' season is finally over. they came close but it didn't quite have the ending they had opened. ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from the headquarters where the team gathered one final time. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. today was the last day as the santa clara training facility. the players flew back from new orleans last night and they arrived here to clean out their lockers. they cleaned out the lockers and said goodbye, joked around with the press, suitcases wering ad. for some this could have been
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the last time they had a shot of winning it all. some even thanked the fans. >> it's gone take a lot of hard work like it did this past year. we'll just have to do more and make sure we win. >> it wasn't our time. it wasn't our time. last year, we made some progress from where we were. this year we -- grow progress from where we were. this year we made more progress. >> i love all of the fans standing out. and i love all of the fans who have been here from the beginning and who are still here. >> reporter: jim harbaugh spent a little time breaking down the last few day plays of the game saying he wish he would have
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tried a different play. he also said debts spite not winning the super bowl -- despite not winning the super bowl, teams will see how good they are and will play tougher next year. he says now is time for the team to take a break. >> the thing next for our time is r & r. i think our players and coaches have spent everything that they have at this point, you know, take -- take a couple of weeks to recharge the battery. >> reporter: now, this is all taking place here right underneath the new construction zone here as they are building the brand-new stadium which will be ready for play in 2014. so the 49ers have one more season at candlestick, they will be playing here right next to their practice facility again. that will start in the year 2014. live in santa clara, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and gotta say this was a little hard to watch for 49er
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fans but back in baltimore, the ravens and thousands of their fans took to the streets to celebrate the win over the 49ers. their victory parade started at city hall, and then joe harbaugh, ray lewis and the rest of them were carried onto the bank stadium. kevin johnson says the city is fighting hard to keep the kings' basketball team in sacramento. >> our objective is to submit a fair and competitive offer as soon as possible and be in the position to explain to the nba why sacramento should remain an nba city. >> the team owners announced a deal last month that would send the kings to seattle. but this morning, johnson says he's working to put together a group to buy the team and build a new stadium in the state capital. he hopes to make his case to the nba before the march 1st deadline. california's top cop is
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following the footsteps of the fbi with a lawsuit, suing standard & poor's of the mort- backed facilities before the collapse. she says two public pension funds invested heavily based on the s & p's triple-a rating and ended up losing in the mortgage crisis. >> s&p made misrepresentations about the ratings and it turns out there was no legitimacy to the ratings they gave. >> harris is seeking more than $4 billion. california republican lawmakers are calling for a federal investigation into why some $4 million went to a
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calfire off-budget account. the l.a. times reports the money from et legal settlements should have gone from the state's general fund. instead, it was placed with the california district attorney's aassociation -- association from 2005 to 2012 for training equipment. new at noon, the california supreme court is hearing arguments on whether local governments can ban pot dispensecies, even though california law allows marijuana for medical use. tara moriarty joins us live from san francisco with both sides of the debate. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: a special oral argument session underway at usf. it's taking place here because they wanted to bolster the public's understanding as well as the fact it is the school's 1100-year anniversary. around 1 1:00 this morning, that's when -- around 11 this
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morning, that's when medical marijuana took center stage. now, this is despite the state's voter approved law legalizing marijuana for medical use. supporters claim state law allows local governments to set limits but not outlaw them. >> if you were to allow these institutions to be banned county by county, city by city, that's the opposite what legislature was to accomplish -- >> so the argument is always gonna be that so long as there is some way that a dispensaries can navigate a mindfield of regulation, then that does not amount to a prohibition even if it's really close to one. >> reporter: despite the risk
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of federal seizures and shutting down dispensaries, last year, three pot clubs popped up in the mission district, the outer mission and then downtown. bringing total to 22. last year, the u.s. justice department warned letters to landlords warning of a crackdown. since then, eight clubs have been closed. we're live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. today, the battle over marijuana marijuana will take a -- over medical marijuana will take a different turn. they are expected to introduce legislation to make this a
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state issue, not a federal issue. supporters say recent state ballot measures to legalize pot prove it is time to end the 75- year old prohibition. >> school officials in alabama are planning a big birthday celebration for a little boy rescued from an underground bunker. authorities stormed the urge abouter and the boy was -- the bunker and the boy was rescued. the big celebration will also honor that bus driver who protected almost two dozen other children from the gunman. >> we want to celebrate the life of charles poland, a true hero. he will forever be remembered as a true hero and when all of the information is released, the nation and the world will see what kind of man charles
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poland was. he gave the ultimate sacrifice for those students on his bus. the boy turned 6 tomorrow but a date for the celebration has not been set yet. he's been at a hospital for an evaluation and family members say, he's been laughing joking, playing and eating. mexican authorities are reporting a disturbing attack in a town that's popular with tourists and college kids. a gang of masked men broke into a resort in acapulco in the middle of the night and held 10 spaniards at gunpoint tying up six men with phone cords and raining -- raping six women. mex damage tort authorities are searching -- mexican authorities are searching for the attackers.
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at this hour, police officers, of ifs and emergency personnel are gathered on the peninsula for a lesson on social media. they are attending the social media, internet and law enforcement conference also known as s.m.i.l.e. in sunnyvale. more than 25 agencies from the bay area are there learn, the advantages and pit falls from using -- pitfalls from using social media. many departments have seen the benefits. >> oftentimes the suspect is not necessarily tweeting or posting something on facebook but a friend of that person is and if we can start -- tart to take -- start to take connections with those relationships, that's often key so the case. >> officers are using the
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opportunity to network with other agencies to see which methods work. today, british lawmakers have voted in favor of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. the government-proposed bill would allow same-sex couples to get married in civil ceremonies. today in a first house of commons vote, lawmakers sloated -- voted 400 to 1 7 -- 400-17 a. the bill has been championed from david cameron. police arrested a driver accused of hitting a woman and her two young children and then fleeing the -- fleeing the scene. it's already getting a little colder. rosemary orozco will show you about the studies ahead. ao
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a new study confirms what many drivers here, know. san francisco has some of the worse traffic in the country. the texas transportation institute ranked the bay area -- ranked the bay area in the top three in 2011. washington, d.c. topped the
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list, followed by los angeles. clocked roads cost the average commuter $800 a year in lost time and gas. gas prices are on the rise, once again, in california. statewide regular gas is an average of 3.93 a gallon. up 2 cents overnight and 30 cents up above from a week ago. and in san francisco, the price at the pump is 3.93. in san jose, gas is 3.87 a gallon. in oakland, it's 3.85. the spike could only get worse. some refineries are already starting to convert production to cleaner, summer blend gas and that can cause a short-term drop in supply. a pittsburg man is in custody facing charges for a hit-and-run crash last night that injured a woman and two young kids. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: accused of
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crashing his car into several pedestrians, noe delgado is behind bars. police -- police believe he slammed a woman and two kids in the sidewalk. a 17-year-old was riding her bike. a 1-year-old was in the stroller. everyone is expected to survive. 45 minutes later, police found the car involved in the crash a few blocks away. officers spotted the driver walking nearby. police are giving credit to solid witnesses. >> senseless incident, we were fortunate that we had witnesses there, our officers responded quickly to the scene. and we were able to take him into custody. that is at least the beginning of a closure. >> reporter: investigators are not saying how fast the car was going. but neighbors say this was a dangerous streak to -- street to cross. >> they need to slow down. i live around the corn he --
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corner. you have to run sometimes to get across. >> reporter: this morning, i talked offsh -- offcamera and she said her brother panicked and was going to get some help. the kids have been released from the hospital. the woman is still being treated. the man hitting them faces felony charges. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. police in placer suck are looking for more -- placer county are looking for more victims in an exclusive abuse -- abuse, claims of abuse.
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this man said he's not guilty. >> i think the police have to do what they have to do when allegations are made. a lot of people didn't read the fine sprint, it's suspicion of -- print, it's suspicion of child abuse. drake's bay oyster farm has lost its appeal. the government is evicting the oyster farm from its long time home at the national see -- seashore. yesterday a judge denied a request to overturn the conviction and interior secretary ken salazar ordered the oyster carm out. -- the owner out. it's a cloudy, cool day around the bay area. i do expect we'll see a little bit more sunshine by the second half of our afternoon. take a look at that. wall to wall gray from the
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coast inland. we'llary dealing with a mix of clouds, high level clouds, mid- level clouds. this morning, we woke up to cloud. we're picking up a breeze in fairfield, 17 miles and hour as well as -- [no audio] >> don't expect to see temperatures climb a whole lot out of this. we may see mid- to upper 50s remain for most of the day. a live look here at stormtracker2, not picking up any rain. but we do have a very weak system dropping through california. that's what's bringing us all of the cloud cover. notice on the back edge, thinning out a little bit. perhaps a little bit more sunshine by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. the pacific satellite view, a broad shot. you can see the front moving through. a few sprinkles over the northwest corner of california but we will remain dry for
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today. the system off the bc coast will continue right about there and will bring us some rain, it looks like on thursday. let me show you you are -- let me run you through what's happening. by 4:00, i'm seeing more sunshine. we wake up tomorrow morning with cloudy skies. mid-30s and 40s in the forecast. wednesday, uneventful. in between systems. by thursday morning at 7:00, 8:00, and if the storm stays on track, the front will bring us rain in time for the morning drive. we're looking at snow for the snow resorts. 54 san francisco, end of the -- into the south bay, 56 for san jose. 58 for morgan hill.
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the extended forecast, so for tomorrow, a little bit of sunshine. we get out the door tomorrow morning, it will be cooler. thursday, that's when we get that rain. doesn't look like enough. by could use some more. with your -- we could use some more. and we're dry, cool, a little breezy. >> it's been dry for a while. >> he why. >> we do need some rain. thank you. >> you two the it. the 2.0 quake that happened this morning was centered southwest of alamo. no reports of damage. officials are considering a -- officials are considering a plan to ban buses on mission and move them one block north. the entire program to improve market street is slated to cost $350 million. singer chris brown, now
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accused ofic faking his court- ordered communeny service. it may seem like an unlikely matchup. q
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well, the stock market bouncing back today following a surge in u.s. home prices and signs of strength in europe's economy and strong earnings report also helping power the gains. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is back above
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14,000, up 123. the nasdaq is also 44 and s&p up 17. dell computers is going private with a deal worth more than $24 billion. the texas company will be acquired by dell founder and a private equity firm. microsoft is also taking part in the deal with a $2 billion loan. dell is the number 3 computermaker in the world but has been losing market share to competitors, including hp. san francisco's two championship teams are battling it out on the links in pebble beach. the 49ers and giants are competing in a charity golf event. the giants' lineup features bruce bochy and matt cain and ryan vogelsong. the 9ers are being represented by brent jones, dwight howard,
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former players. phil mickelson will attempt to tie amare's record at mental beach. last week, he moved past sam sneed and jack nicklaus for second on the all-time list. singer chris brown could find himself in more trouble. the los angeles district attorney says brown likely faked his community hours following a sentence for assaulting rihanna. the d.a. noted in one case he was claiming community service in virginia when he was really on a private jet to cancun. the d.a. is asking a judge to reject brown's hours and make him fulfill his requirements in los angeles county. the changes that could be coming for parents and the changes cited for the faa when you fly.
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thank you for trusting ktvu. we'll see you the next time news breaks. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h

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